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QuickBooks Point of Sale

QuickBooks Point of Sale software for retailers makes it faster and easier to track sales, inventory, and customer information.

Plus, QuickBooks Point of Sale integrates with QuickBooks financial software. You can import customers, vendors, and inventory from QuickBooks directly into QuickBooks Point of Sale to get started. Then, with the click of a button, you can send sales summary data from QuickBooks Point of Sale directly to QuickBooks Financial Software every day. This reduces duplicate data entry and helps increase data accuracy. So you’ll spend less time cleaning up the information before you begin working with it.

QuickBooks Point of Sale is sold separately from QuickBooks Financial Software, meaning that it can be used as a stand-alone product. We do, however, recommend using it with QuickBooks Financial Software. QuickBooks Pro or Premier is required for data exchange with the Point of Sale application.

QuickBooks Point of Sale may be purchased as software only, or with Intuit-approved hardware (bar code scanner, credit card reader, cash drawer, and receipt printer).

With QuickBooks Point of Sale software, you can:
  • Ring up sales like an electronic cash register (cash drawer optional)
  • Capture sales, inventory, and customer data in one application
  • Automatically adjust inventory amounts when products are sold, and know what inventory is on hand
  • Send data to QuickBooks Financial Software (QuickBooks Pro or Premier, each sold separately) so data doesn’t have to be entered twice
  • Process credit card transactions (with the optional QuickBooks Point of Sale Merchant Account Service, application approval and fees apply)
  • Generate sales and inventory reports to determine best selling items and most valuable customers
  • Track pricing and discounts so that the right discounts are given to the right customers
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